Tuesday, July 16, 2013

the continuation of the Instadump

Is it bad that I find it easier to capture the day-to-day, spontaneous moments in life with my ipod?
I'm a little torn...
On one hand, it's so much easier and convenient than my real camera, and I can whip out the ipod in a second and take mutiple shots of whatever is happening that moment...
...but on the other hand, the pictures aren't very high quality, and I don't always take the time sort through them and email them to myself so I can document each moment...
(whereas with my camera camera, I make the time to sit down and upload my pictures and then at the same time I blog about them...)

I guess I should just be glad that I'm taking pictures, right?? :)

{Logan came up to me with this bib and wanted to wear it the rest of the day, haha!}

{Jeff finally put up my window valance!}

{some days motherhood is hard and tiring.}

{the supermoon--which was less impressive than I'd hoped.}

{cool dude}

{In my primary lesson I had used facial expressions to help show the sunbeams the variety of feelings we have. Wyatt was obsessed with making faces that week, and wanted us to make scary/angry faces...he thought it was hilarious, of course :) }

{Logan's new haircut, courtesy of Grace: a Eurohawk!}

{I found a dead scorpion in my clean shirt, as a pulled it out of my washing machine. Wait, just kidding. It was still alive...until I whacked it with my shoe.}

{Almost done!}

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I have that necklace with the white flowers too.

I also have the same dilemma at my house about pictures, on my phone the easy way or on my camera the best-looking way? I usually try to do both, if I really want to use the photos.