Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Phoenix Suns!

WAAAAAAY back in December, when my sister got her new car, they gave her a TON of Kia Suns ticket vouchers. We got a few, my dad got a few, and my brother got a few. We picked our games, and finally went to see them play in February. I let Jeff pick the games (since I obviously have no basketball knowledge) and they were AMAZING! The first one was against the Miami Heat, and it was a good, close game. My dad and brother joined us for that game too, so that was fun...

(I also rode the lightrail for the first time...)

The second game we couldn't find our voucher. We weren't planning on going, but then my dad gave us his voucher for the game since my youngest brother had a campout and couldn't go anyway. We went with my other brother and his wife, and actually got to sit next to each other since we weren't far away from each other. This game was against the San Antonio Spurs, and while still a good game, not as competitive, seeing as the Suns gave them a beating.

Go Suns!

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