Monday, March 3, 2014

baby Sydney

The month of February passed faster than I realized and I wasn't able to document things as they happened. Time to catch up I guess!!

Probably the most exciting event happened weeks ago when my niece was born! We threw Meaghan a shower on a Saturday, and the next Thursday Sydney was born--talk about perfect timing! I don't have very many pictures of the darling Sydney (she is only a few weeks old), but she's a doll.

(Shannon, Denine and I spent a whole Friday night working on this mobile! We saw something similar at a Pottery Barn once and recreated it perfectly! Meaghan loved it!)

Wyatt is thrilled to have a new cousin and talks about HIS cousin to anyone that will listen. He loves to hold her and rub her fuzzy, little head.
 People keep telling him to ask his mommy for one, but he's been very disappointed with the answer...

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