Saturday, March 29, 2014

another post with sisters.

I am not at all embarrassed if people see me without my "pretty" face on.
And maybe that's not even it.
Maybe I am embarrassed, I just don't care
And, to be honest, it hasn't always been that way--I can remember being mortified if I left the house without all my makeup on and done.

My sister is currently in that phase.
She is BEAUTIFUL with and without makeup. 
But she HATES me when I try to take her picture sans makeup.

I tried to make her feel comfortable by saying she'd fit in since we'd all just woken up and looked like death...
...but apparently that wasn't comforting.

I finally got one eyeball.

See?? Emma doesn't care!!

Haha!! We're awesome.

Maybe one day Grace will be awesome like Emma and I.
But I don't know.
Emma has a lot of awesome and has set the standard high.

Sisters are the best.

(AMY, WE MISSED YOU!! YOU COULD HAVE BEEN IN OUR AWESOME MAKEUP-LESS PICTURES!! You're sad you skipped out on it, huh ::wink wink::)

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