Saturday, May 17, 2014

easter babies

Easter was fun this year, as always. A bit more stressful, but I think 8am church always makes things a bit more stressful anyway. After church (which we miraculously made on time) we took pictures, and per the norm, my children would not cooperate.
Well, not at the same time anyway. I'd get one to smile, and then other wouldn't. Or if they were both smiling simultaneously, my camera wouldn't work. Speaking of cameras, I've come the realization that they are almost obsolete. It's sad really...

ANYWAY, here are a few of my favorites, because they are funny.

Logan with his brooding look...

Annnnd Logan with his tough-guy pose.

Awww, but look! My oldest baby actually listened and smiled his normal, cute smile! (Which is exactly what I have to tell him to smile like, otherwise I get a plethora of unattractive gawks. Though, I'm sure I'm just being repetitive there, since a gawk is always unattractive. But I digress...)

I can always squeeze a candid smile out of Logan...

And here's Cheerio again. The boys love that bunny like a puppy. 
Poor thing.

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