Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mother's Day

I know I'm only a week late, but...

Happy Mother's Day!!

My own dear mother has recently commented how she wishes I would blog more, and I decided I do too. I know I often say I should blog more, but then I don't. So I've decided to start looking for opportunities to blog, and it won't be hard now that I'm not working (which reminds me, I should probably blog about that too!) So anyway, Happy Mother's Day, Mom! You're getting your wish!!

Mother's Day was a busy one for me this year! Not only did we celebrate Mother's Day, but we also celebrated a few family birthdays on the Downs' side, so I was busy getting together a TON of gifts!

Also, these cards--SO time consuming.
And not to toot my own horn, but just so you understand the depth of what I did here...
...I had to create the original heart template, and then trace and cut out each individual heart--85 hearts in total, in 12 different pages of paper! And then I had to figure out each layout, since they were all different (which wasn't so hard, but I had to decide what looked good, and what looked better)...and by the end of it, I decided never to do something like that again. Whew. It took me over 10 hours to complete 12 cards. But hey, they turned out cute, huh?? Hahaha!

These roses. gorgeous.
(I picked them out for myself, while shopping for flowers for my mother-in-law...I just couldn't help myself! They were too tempting!)
I honestly would take flowers over chocolate ANY DAY.

The little men who made me a mother...

Aren't they precious?
(some of the time!)

Sorry for the repetitive nature of these pictures, but I had to show off the corsage my mother-in-law got me for Mother's Day! I always love to wear flowers too...

And to all the mom's out there, I hope your day was special. I hope you were treated like a Queen and that you got all the love and attention you deserve!

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Merkley Jiating said...

Those roses are so pretty! And your boys are cute cute cute!