Wednesday, September 3, 2014

another trip to the natural bridge

Labor Day was spent making the trip up north to the Natural Bridge! Jeff thinks I have an obsession about this place because I ALWAYS want to go...and it might be true. It's always been a magical place to me, an impression that was made when I was much younger when I visited with my family. I love how it's almost like a secret garden, hidden in the middle of  nowhere, and down a steep desert path to finally find an oasis. 
Plus, a water hole is always magical here in Arizona.
But whatever, I'm not ashamed to say it, I love that place!

This was also one of my favorite parts when I was younger, which I have passed down to my kids! I loved taking off my shoes and sticking my feet in the cold stream water! Bonus, it smells like spearmint because it grows all along the banks! 

Another bonus, we arrived early enough to, 1: get a parking spot in the very limited shady spots, and 2, not have to wait to get in! When we left there was a LONG line of people waiting to be let in and it wasn't even noon!

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