Tuesday, September 2, 2014

summer at the zoo

I'm interrupting my summer posts to bring a few recent activities...

I love having a zoo membership, but for the most part, I only use it during the winter and fall months, when the weather isn't set on DEATH-MODE. But since I'm a member, I get can get in an hour before the zoo opens to the public, which meant at 6am. Obviously that's a little crazy, so I instead focused on getting there at 7, and lately the weather has been...tolerable...in the mornings. It's also nice that the zoo now has a few splashpad areas for the boys to play in, so we like to get good and wet and then visit the animals. It definitely helps them stay cool and happy. (I wish this idea would have been implemented when I was a kid at the zoo!) 

It's always more fun when friends come (Meaghan, Houston, and Sydney visited with us this time), so anytime someone wants to go, let me know!

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