Wednesday, December 9, 2009


So I realize I never told my birth story...

When I put up the post of Wyatt being born, it was mostly just to post pictures...there really wasn't any explanation--not that there needed to be one, it was pretty obvious. I had a baby. Duh.

Buuuuuut...I think I'd like to document my experience. And this IS my I can do what I want! Plus I figure this is a good way for me to remember it...

Tuesday, November 10:
I'm not due until November 12th. But at my weekly doctor's appointment my OBGYN informs me that I still haven't progressed any more from 3 weeks ago when she told me I was 1cm dilated and 60% effaced. I haven't had any signs of labor--no contractions, no 'bloody show,' NOTHING. She asks me if I would be interested in being induced if Wyatt doesn't show up by the weekend--that would give me my due date, plus 4 days for him to come. I was so ready to give birth and was already disappointed that he hadn't come early, so I was more than willing to be induced...I'm a very impatient person apparently :) So my doctor called the hospital while I was there and scheduled my induction for Monday, November 16 at 5:00am...

Thursday, November 12:
My alarm clock goes off at 7:30am. When I wake up I'm immediately emotional from the lack of labor. PLUS I have to go to work. When I'm at work everyone keeps asking me when I'm due and why I'm at work...I start to cry because I'm sick of telling people that I'm due today and he's not here. And I'm hormonal. This is the worst day ever. Jeff takes me out to Dairy Queen to cheer me up. I pig out.

Friday, November 13--Sunday, November 15:
NOTHING. A big, fat NADA. WHERE THE HECK IS HE?! I finally gave up sometime on Friday and came to realize that he's not coming on his own. (I was trying to use some reverse psychology to get him to come naturally, but it didn't work...)

Monday, November 16:
Jeff and I wake up. My bags are already packed, so I just throw on some pajama pants and a T-shirt with a pair of flip-flops. I throw my hair into a ponytail and don't even worry about makeup. Oh please. I try to eat a bowl of cereal, but because I'm feeling so anxious, I can't finish it...
We arrive at the hospital and check in with the secretary. It takes a while because initially they can't find my appointment...and then a pregnant lady hobbles in and starts heaving and lies on the floor--her husband is completely frantic and slightly rude: "Can I get some help here?! My wife is in labor!!!" So Jeff and I were ignored for a little bit while everyone tended to the drama queen. (The only reason I call her a drama queen is because the secretary said she was. She had some very funny stories about women who come in with false labor and have to be sent home...)
A nurse comes to get us from the waiting room to take us back into the labor and delivery area. Once we're in our room she hands me a hospital gown and I undress...UNCOMFORTABLE. But whatever. It's not like it's going to get any better after this. I'm informed that I'm not allowed to eat or drink until after I give birth. I sign a TON of paperwork, get my IV in, have the heart and contraction monitors put on, and have my cervix checked. STILL only 1cm and 60% effaced.
They start the pitocin.

My blood pressure is checked every half hour and my nurse comes in every hour to monitor my contractions and up the dose of pitocin. She keeps asking if it hurts, and to let her know when or if I want an epidural. The first couple of hours the contractions are nothing more than the Braxton-Hicks contractions I'd been experiencing for the past 4 months. I thought, "Dang, this is easy. I think I'll be able to go through the whole process without any pain medication!!" The other thought was "Maybe my body isn't reacting to the pitocin and nothing is happening...oh crap." Jeff and I watched TV the whole morning. I wasn't bored at all. I wasn't in pain. I was almost enjoying myself...except that I was starving.

My doctor came to visit me and broke my water. That must have been one of the most awkward things I've ever had happen to me.
By this point I was only focused on the contractions. They had started getting more intense about two hours before, but I tried my best to handle those ones. Now they were coming every couple of minutes and lasting WAAAY too long. (I didn't bother timing them...I was already in the hospital, so it's not like they could send me home, haha) The pain was so different from anything I'd ever experienced--there was so much pressure in my abdomen, my whole body would get completely tense, and I'd have a hard time breathing. I felt completely rigid with every contraction and any movement was painful. Jeff finally convinced me to call the nurse and get an epidural. I wanted to know how far I was able to go without the epidural, so I asked my nurse to check me. I was only 3cm dilated.
The anesthesiologist FINALLY arrived after 45 minutes of torture!! He had been in the middle of a c-section when I called for my epidural, so once again I was ignored. The whole process of getting an epidural was no biggie, my only issue was waiting for him to be done...each and every contraction was strong and long and it SUCKED!
Once the epidural was put in and it finally numbed my lower half I was able to relax. Some of my family had come by this point and had started making their guesses for time of arrival, weight, ect. I took a nap.
I woke up...and felt great! No more painful contractions! I could still tell when I was having a contraction just due to the increased pressure I felt, but it didn't hurt. I just chillaxed with the family...
My nurse came in to check on me and I was 9cm dilated and completely effaced!! Apparently my nap helped me relax enough to let my body progress! Because I had dilated so fast no one was really prepared...
My nurse randomly came in and took my by surprise when she said, "Okay, time to start pushing..." I said, "Like...RIGHT now??" "Yep." and she pulled my legs into the stirrups. Thankfully my mom and my mother-in-law made in time to be there when I started to push. My edpidural was awesome because although I couldn't feel any pain, I could still move my legs (even though it was really hard) and I could still feel my contractions so I knew when to push. My doctor wasn't there yet, but it usually takes some time of pushing before it's actually time to she had been notified, but the nurses told her it would still be a while...
The nurses told me to stop pushing because he was already crowning! With every contraction I would normally have 3 or 4 good pushes, but I wasn't actually pushing with every contraction I had. It was oddly very casual...we would all be chatting and then I would feel one of my contractions and say, "Should I be pushing?" My nurse would look at the monitor and say, "Yeah, you're having a contraction..." So then I would push. All in all, I'd say I wasn't actually pushing for more than 15-20 minutes...
My doctor is seen running across the parking lot...once she's all suited up, a few more pushes and...
Wyatt is born!! My doctor puts him onto my chest and I start crying...I'm so enthused with my little boy that I completely missed out on Jeff cutting the umbilical cord...oh well...
13 hours of labor and no outside tearing! Not bad, I'd say! That would be thanks to the pitocin though, which is labor on steroids basically...


Bree and Phil Killian said...

Im so glad you told this story, oddly enough. I always wondered what it was like! I didnt realize couple things you mentioned! SO COOL! I always wondered why people would bother with no pain meds cause then you dont even enjoy the experience!! HAHA thats Awesome!

Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

dude girl you scored! I want a labor story like yours for reals!

Noelle said...

It's a good story. Someday I'll know just what you mean about pretty much all of those details.

good Job babe, you made a beautiful little person. I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks =)