Monday, June 28, 2010

My baby is CRAWLING?!

I haven't posted in over a week! Our lives have been busy, busy, busy lately...first Jeff's truck stopped working and we had to carpool together for a few weeks, then some family from out of town visited and we stayed up until past midnight a few times, throw that all together with some work, lots of play, and trying to maintain a family and the outcome is hectic. ANYWAY...during all that, somehow Wyatt has discovered how to CRAWL!!! I've been told my life (and/or house) is about to get real messy...

He just started crawling (for real) yesterday at Grandma and Grandpa Downs' house. He's been trying a lot lately, but he hadn't mastered the movement of his hands. He still has a funny technique when he crawls where he uses his feet instead of his knees...but maybe that's how he likes it?? Here's a few clips we caught today...enjoy!

(we really don't give him candy and chocolate, I promise! The Mike 'n Ike box is used as a rattle...)