Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July weekend camping trip:

First of all, Happy Independence Day!!!

This last weekend we were able to join Jeff's parents and little brother (and Charlene and her doggies) out for a 4 day camping trip up to Wood's Canyon Lake. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, breezy and in the mid 70's...perfect for lounging around and taking naps.

On the second day we had planned to go on a hike down Horton Creek, but after a mile in, the creek was far too tempting to deny our toes, so we decided to stop and play in the water. Unfortunately that took up the rest of our time and we weren't able to finish the remaining 2.5 miles...but that was FINE with me :)

Wyatt was an excellent camper...he especially loved the hike and playing in the icy creek water.
And if you were a 'real' man, you'd stick your head in the water for 5 seconds, like this:
Wyatt and Grandma had a good time relaxing together...
...and apparently being carried all day is exhausting...
The lifesaver of this camping trip I attribute to this hammock. It took the place of rocking chair and helped Wyatt take his also didn't hurt that Wyatt thought it was the best ride he'd ever been on, haha!
This was Wyatt's first experience with camping, and therefore his first experience with tents and sleeping bags and air mattresses.
He got lost a few times.
Thank goodness for sunscreen. Or his blanket to cover his bald, bald head.
Wyatt and Uncle Brigham:
We were also able to attend the Taylor Rodeo, something I really enjoy. Wyatt didn't really care for any of the action...he just liked the kids sitting behind us. He was tired and cranky by the time the fireworks started, so he didn't pay much attention to the pretty lights in the sky. He was asleep by the end of the show...silly boy. Maybe next year.
Bull riding: None of the riders we able to stay on the full 8 seconds!
Barrel Racing
They also have bareback and saddled bronco riding, calf roping, and a choreographed horse the fireworks, of course! Oh, and Navajo Tacos! I love the Taylor Rodeo.

And while we were packing up to end our getaway vacation, we occupied Wyatt with a movie...

You caught me!

I know that was a random summation of our trip, and there was so much more that we actually did (like having campfires and s'mores, swapping silly stories, putting together a puzzle, catching and eating fresh trout, and loving being together...) but I didn't have my camera with me constantly, and that's okay with me. It was good to spend some time away from life to relax and enjoy nature and one another.

Random picture of the post:

OPA!!!!? What are you feeding me?!


Brea said...

how stinkin fun!!! Wyatt is getting so big and so full of expression! :)

Mikel and Kris said... JEALOUS! I wanted to go up to Taylor for all the fun and festivities but due to Kris friend getting married up there this coming weekend we figured we would just skip this year. His parents live right next to the rodeo grounds so I always love going up there! We should all go camping sometime! after i get married :)

Merkley Jiating said...

I love his hat. I can't believe he is keeping it on!

Alex loves sucking on licorice. We are bad parents because sometimes he will bite off a piece and we just let him eat it instead of taking it away. He's going to have rotten teeth. Whoops.