Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not so hot...

I'm grateful for Wyatt's usually good health.

The last 2 days have been sad days for Mr. Wyatt. He's been sick with a cough and a fever, and although I sure love his cuddles and rosy cheeks, it makes me sad to see him feeling so yucky. He's never been sick (other than right after he gets his shots, and that usually only lasts a few hours) and thankfully the doctor told me today that he doesn't have the flu or any ear infections...he's just sick and he'll just have to work through it. (Dang coughs are viral, so there isn't any medication to get rid of it...phooey!)

But, since I haven't really experienced this side of him, I'm truly grateful to have a healthy little boy. It makes me appreciate the happy, sweet spirit that I was blessed with.

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Curtis and Dani Welton said...

We hired the lawyer to mediate for us. It's kind of typical in cases like ours where the accident wasn't THAT bad but the medical expenses will be pretty high. Also we have to think about the baby, if she is born with brain damage that can be linked to the accident.. having a lawyer would be the only way we would get the money we need to pay for her medical costs.

Anyway Poor little guy! :( I hope he gets over the cough soon. I love his little shoes!