Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ben had a birthday, shout hooray!!

Before I dive into the birthday festivites, I just wanted to show this picture. Notice anything...strange??
 See that unusually small person...standing up?!
Wyatt is still trying to figure out if he really wants to walk or not. He will do it on his own now, but he's still not 100% sure of himself and he'll only take a few steps at a time...he still prefers to crawl.

Moving on though!! Group shot, minus our beloved Gracie...
Ben is the crazy one on the far right, and he turned 13, which we all know is a BIG deal because it finally means...he's a TEENAGER!! Oh, to be a teen again..., actually, I'm thoroughly thrilled to be done with that stage...sorry Ben :)
 He got some pretty cool stuff this year, including some Suns tickets, new ASU shorts, a 'lazy' outfit (sweats?? I guess he'd been asking for them, haha), a bag of dum dums, suspenders, a shirt, a little camera, and a gaming/lounging chair....he thought it was all, in his words, "COOL!!"

...and of course, we can't forget Wyatt, who probably felt like it was a party just for him...boxes and wrapping paper galore!!
 We thought it might be fun to send Grace a little surprise ;) 

 ...but he eventually popped out and decided it wasn't too comfortable...sorry Grace, I tried.

Happy Birthday Ben!!


Zack and Kylee said...

your baby is so cute!!

Curtis and Dani Welton said...

I saw the little guy take a few steps at Jeni's! He was standing a lot too. We missed you!

Grace said...

Oh danggit! That would have been awesome! :)