Wednesday, April 13, 2011


My beloved Jeffrey...

...FINALLY got his Associates Degree!!! He'd been in school for...oh, I don't know how long...but could never decide what he wanted to do, so this was a huge milestone for him, and I'm so proud!! He kept changing his mind on his major, from being a sports journalist, to a teacher/coach, to a firefighter...and then he finally decided criminal justice was the answer. He loved his classes and was really interested in the subject matter. He's going to start applying to different police departments so he can start out as a police officer, but he really wants to end up being a police detective or working with the FBI.
Crazy, right?
Yeah...I'm a little nervous.
But I'm just so happy he's finally found something he's truly interested in. He's going to start his Bachelor's program in a few weeks, and I'm so so so proud of his determination.

AND...of COURSE...I had to celebrate this accomplishment SOME how...

So I threw him a surprise graduation party (with a lot of help from my mother-in-law...thanks Mom!)

He was TOTALLY surprised. I didn't get very many pictures because my picture-taker wasn't prepared (She didn't get my text in time to grab my camera before we walked through the door...I still love you, Grace!). But it was AWESOME. I really wish I would have remembered to get a group shot, but we had all of my family, and his family, and one pair of his grandparents. It turned out so well...
The lovely mothers preparing the dinner (Rubios!)

Wyatt...oh, Wyatt. He's been a little grouchy lately.

...but then he found some balloons!!

Don't mind all the chatter in the background...just focus on that cute boy loving some balloons!

OH! Haha, you might have heard in the movie about Jeff being mad about his keys...yeah, well that was part of my see, I took his keys the night before so that it would look like he 'lost' them, which would force me to take him to work and leave him dependent on me to pick him up afterwords...well, I totally underestimated how angry/frustated he would get because apparently he remembered EXACTLY where he had left them (which is rare because he's ALWAYS losing his keys, among other things...) so instead of just searching the house and giving up after a few minutes, he REFUSED to let me give him a ride and said, "I'm NOT leaving this house until I find those keys!!!! I KNOW I left them RIGHT do keys just grow a pair of legs and walk away?!?!!!"
Welllllll...crap. He even almost wanted to blame me because he thought he heard me messing with them the night before (YOU were the last one to TOUCH THEM!!) and so I had to play if off like I was offended that he would try to accuse me when I had 'no clue.' Anyway, he eventually let me give him a ride and everything worked out according to plan :)



Curtis and Dani Welton said...

You guys didn't mention anything about that last weekend. How COOL!! Tell him we said congrats, that's pretty huge :)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Yay! It always feels so great to accomplish something. Especially a BIG something. Go Jeff!