Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I experienced my first public meltdown.

{From Wyatt.}

...I'm still not over it, since it did just happen 15 minutes ago...

Here's how it all went down:
I like to go grocery shopping right before Wyatt's nap. He's usually always in a good mood and by the time I get home he's fallen asleep in the car, or he's just about to...
SO, just like I always do, I make a few quick trips to 2 places: Superstition Ranch Market and Albertsons.
He was perfectly content at both places UNTIL I'm in the checkout line at Albertsons (perfectly planned on his part--just waiting until I can't escape...)
 Now, at Albertsons, for those who aren't familiar, your cart goes on the left, and you go on the right. The conveyor belt is circular and so it's hard to grab anything after it's been put on it...
ANYWAY, I'm emptying my cart of THREE things, when Wyatt sees the bananas...and literally GOES BANANAS. He starts screaming...not whining, not crying, SCREAMING.
 I picked him up hoping that would calm him down a little bit and I tried talking to him and asking him to be patient and told him that he could have a banana in just a minute...
Oh, wait. But the ONE LADY I decided to stand behind in the EXPRESS LANE decided to take her sweet time. So instead of it being 'just a minute' it turned into 'just a five minutes that seemed like a lifetime.'
But wait. It gets worse.
Wyatt decided that instead of calming down, he'd just scream the ENTIRE TIME. (Well, he did take a few breaths...)
 I'd pick him up and he'd arch his back. I'd put him down and he'd stomp his feet. He decided that RIGHT NOW was the perfect time to have his first full-blown, out of control, temper tantrum...and I couldn't get away. I couldn't just leave the store like I desparately wanted to. I WAS IN THE DANG CHECKOUT LANE.
I couldn't do anything to soothe Wyatt and the old hag in front of me thought it would be GREAT FUN to torture me. The person behind me kept asking me why he was crying, like I didn't know how to shut my own child up...he kept saying, 'Well, maybe he wants this...try to give him that...' and I just wanted him to shut up too. EVERYONE was looking at me. I'm sure the WHOLE STORE could hear my child screaming and was wondering why I couldn't make it better. I kept trying to laugh it off, and said, 'Oh, it must be naptime...'
WELL. FINALLY, it was my turn to check out--the cashier was looking at me like he was sorry and the bag boy was literally looking at me like I was crazy. No joke on that one...he was giving me the crazy stink eye. While I was trying to swipe my card and enter my pin with my out-of-control child squirming in my arms, one of the older women who worked in guest services came over and gave Wyatt a squeaky toy. 
 He shut up immediately. She ripped off the tag, and said, 'He can have it.'

And then I walked out. Mortified. I realized I was sweating when I finally sat down. And then I cried. 


Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Oh dear. I would have cried too.

Whenever Valette embarrasses me in public I can feel my heart beating faster and my blood pressure rising.

I am so sorry. People who stand there and suggest to you "maybe X is wrong" are the worst! I hate when some stranger walks past and says that. I hope when you got home that he took a nice long nap while you got a break.

Celeste said...

That's aweful! I dread that happening to us. So sorry