Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just a little boastful.


Be warned.

I'm going to be a little boastful right now...because...

Today was Wyatt's first day in Nursery.


Jeff and I both dropped him off and he literally just went in, took a seat, and started looking at a book.
No goodbyes (I was afraid if he knew we were leaving him he'd start crying)
No apprehension.
No questions.

Wyatt: Oh? You've got toys, and snacks and other kids for me to play with? FINALLY.

Jeff and I would periodically check up on him during the next 2 hours, and he was perfectly happy. His teachers said he was really mellow (MELLOW?!) and didn't cry once.

I'm a little sad that he didn't want mommy or daddy, but church today was...well, I was able to pay attention!! I was able to stay in my classes and actually LEARN something! It was wonderful!! And it's so funny now that I'm saying this because before I was a mother, I never appreciated sitting, uninterrupted, while listening to the lesson that had been prepared. was absolutely awesome.

So anyway, we basically have a perfect child, who, right after church took a nap, which left his routine on schedule. Another plus to Nursery...



dutchbunch7 said...

LOVE it!! Time for another one?

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Almost perfect. I hear you call him stinker alot. ;>

I love him. Wyatt is a babe.

Merkley Jiating said...

Nursery is such a wonderful thing. I enjoyed that first Sunday so much.