Thursday, May 26, 2011

You like cake?

Hey guess what?!
I've been married 4 years today! FOUR years. It really doesn't feel like that long, but...that's longer than my high school experience. Werid.
Anyway, in honor of our anniversary I decided I'd share a clip from our reception...

Be warned. This movie is rated I-NF for:
 Inappropriate Narrating Friends.
(Just so you know, the narrators are my best friends Danielle and Malu, and Meredith)

My FAVORITE part is when I tell Jeff to "Be nice."
...that's right before I shoved the cake in his face, if you were wondering.
And yes, it was planned that way. I'd been scheming all day...

...there's cake coming off my nose. Flattering, right?

I love this picture simply for the reaction on everyone's faces...

I really can't believe how fast time has flown! 4 years down, only an eternity left to go...
I love you Jeffrey! Happy Anniversary!

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dutchbunch7 said...

I loved the trip down memory lane, Happy Anniversary! Loved that Ladd was there to get it all in pictures and of course the lovely ladies with the video and commentary!

Love you Rachael & Jeff