Monday, May 2, 2011

April camping COLD!!

FREEZING, in fact!!

We weren't really prepared for how cold it was actually going to be...I mean, we knew what the forecast was beforehand, so we brought the appropriate clothing and blankets (mostly)...but WOW.

Did I mention it was cold? Well, anyway, the temperatures never seemed to rise higher than 50 degrees, and coming from the Valley heat, we were caught off guard. The nights dipped down below freezing, and when we poked our heads out of our sleeping bags in the morning...we could see our breath (still in the tent...)

SOOOO, needless to say, I spent a lot of time following the sun and sitting by the fire, all the while accumulating this gorgeous sunburn I'm now sporting across my cheeks and nose...

ANYWAY, as you've gathered by now, I went camping this last weekend with Jeff and his family. We had lots of fun just being lazy and relaxing (and trying to stay warm)!

Jeff has a small obsession with fishing. He loves it A LOT, and went 3 times the first day, and once the next day. Unfortunately he didn't have much luck with the fish and they all snubbed his bait. He did, however get to partake of the fishy-trout goodness when his little brother, Brigham, caught 2!!

Dad showing Wyatt some fishing techniques ;)

Wyatt has was in heaven!! He had a blast playing with rocks, and dirt, and mud...

Another reason for our expedition was the newest member to the camping gear! A CANOE!! Grandma and Grandpa Downs just bought a canoe a few weeks ago, and this was her maiden voyage! That's Grandma in front, Brigham in the middle, and Grandpa steering the vehicle!

And this is Grandpa, Shannon, and me

...and this was just hilarious. Notice Matt and Grandpa are weighing the front down, while Brigham sits at the back, ha!

Our campsite

A small, candid moment between Matt and Shannon...awww!
(It was Matt's birthday that night and we had a steak dinner! And it was TASTY!)
Exploring with Uncle Brigham

Playing with Grandma

Towards the end of the first day, while dinner was being prepared, we had some cranky babies. Shannon was GENIOUS and had a brought a little bottle of bubbles...

 Thanks to the good amount of sunshine, and with the help of Meaghan and Lukas (thanks for the extra blankets!!), we all slept well and warm that night...MUCH better than the first night...

...and early the next morning the boys went fishing again and caught these babies! Way to go, Brigham!

I'm so glad I married into a family that loves camping as much as I do. I love being able to spend time outdoors and get some much needed sunshine. Even if it was a little too much :)


Perla Maria said...

Thats awesome!! Whered you guys go Rachael?
We're going camping next weekend

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I love fishing too. But I don't care much about eating the fish. i would rather throw them back

camping....well I'm glad you enjoy it.