Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bum up

I never understood why kids find it comfortable to sleep like this--bum up in the air. It cracks me up though...

So this kid here will be 2 in less than a does that happen??! 
I haven't even really begun to plan a birthday party, and I feel a little bad, but not really...I mean, he's not even going to remember it. BUT, I do already have his gifts, and I think if we do decide to have a party it's going to be super low-key, and EASY. I'm all about the easy these days, haha! My sister's wedding is also in less than a month so we've got that going too, plus Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then CHRISTMAS is all within the next 2ish months...busy, busy, busy!! Thankfully baby#2 won't be here until after the madness is over :) I can't wait though!!

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