Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I've been really pathetic with the picture-taking lately, so this is a smorgasbord of some recent happenings...

Because the weather has been so autumn-like and WONDERFUL, I took Wyatt to the park last week. He is in love with sand. I didn't get a picture of it, but he would crouch down and just run his hands through it over and over and over again. He especially like the ducks as well, saying, "cack, cack, cack" (he hasn't really mastered the 'qu' sound yet...)
He's saying "hi!!" in the picture...

 This is just funny...well, because he's a goofball. (Anyone know what we're watching in the background??)

On Tuesday my mother-in-law took Shannon and I and the kids to the Phoenix Children's Museum...
I'd never been and it's so awesome! Everything is kid friendly and meant to be touched or played with or ridden. Wyatt had so much fun in the little market with his grocery cart...thanks Grandma!!

And lastly, just showing off the progress I'm making...25 weeks down, only 15 to go!!

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Andrea said...

you look so cute pregnant!!!

i got the idea for the wreath from someone else who wrapped a wreath for spring.

i thought it would be so cute in orange and black tulle!