Thursday, May 10, 2012


This boy...

I made some zucchini bread today and Wyatt was excited. 
I told him what I was making, and he kept calling it cake (if you didn't know, he has a small obsession with cake). ANYWAY, I finally convinced him it was bread, and then focused on having him say "zucchini."

 The kid can say "mayonnaise" without a hitch, but apparently "zucchini" is another language entirely.

He started out with "nee nee," then moved to "kee nee" and then finally "kee kee nee."

I eventually just told him he wasn't allowed to have any unless he named it correctly.

Out popped "zee kee nee" and I dubbed it satisfactory.

When Jeff came home later that night, and remembering I told him he could have another piece of bread when daddy got home, Wyatt promptly asked for cake.


Jeff sat him in his high chair, and this is how their conversation went:

Jeff: Wyatt, say ZOO...
Wyatt: zoo
Jeff: KEE...
Wyatt: kee
Jeff: NEE!
Wyatt: nee.

Jeff: ZOO
Wyatt: zoo
Jeff: KEE
Wyatt: kee
Jeff: NEE!
Wyatt: nee.

Wyatt: Yeah!

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Andrea said...

bahahahaha. i love the ending. go jeff. :)