Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm bad at this...

I guess I didn't realize how much I like having the convenience of my camera phone..., yet again, another camera phone post.
...and this time I won't promise it won't happen again, haha!

This is kind of a random post, soooo...whatever.

This picture was taken while I was doing the massive amounts of laundry piled up in my room.
Usually I try to synchronize the boys' naps so I can have a few hours to get things done, but lately they've felt the need to be on opposite schedules.
No joke: I'll put Logan down for a nap, but Wyatt won't be ready. As soon Wyatt does take his nap, Logan will wake up. And then right as I get Logan back down, Wyatt will wake up. 
So basically my house is kind of a wreck.
It's been driving me CRAAAAZY.
Then one day I was done with the craziness, so I piled the boys and all the laundry on my bed while they watched a movie. I was pleasantly surprised with how much they let me get helps massively that they can keep each other entertained for small extended periods of time.
So anyway, I found one of Jeff's beanies and put it on Logan. I don't even think he noticed, but he was rockin' it.

I LOVE monsoon weather. EVERYTHING about monsoon weather--rain, clouds, wind...
And because it's been so wonderfully overcast lately (and because we have a great deal of pollution) the sunsets have been amazing. I wish I would have had my real camera for this one, but this will suffice.

And this is funny because I was trying to get Logan to smile with me for the camera, but after a few takes, and no winners, he was tired of being happy and I had Jeff dangle his bottle in front of him to see if that would make him smile... worked for about a second before he realized he was being teased...

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