Thursday, August 23, 2012

Logan's Latest: 7 months!

I say it every month. I know I'm being repetitive. But I don't care--he's getting so big, too fast.
I was looking at clothes for him in the clearance section at Target and realized I had to start buying things in 12 months or older.
I had to stop nursing him full-time because he wasn't getting enough throughout the day.
He laughs when I'm being funny.
He cries when he gets scared.
He recognizes his name.
He started CRAWLING.

I know.
I can't believe it either.
But here's some proof:

What happened to my helpless little newborn??

He is still the sweetest angel ever.
Always happy.
Always smiling.
Perfectly mellow.

I made a list for Wyatt when he was around 7 months old about his top 20 favorite things, so I put one together for Logan too...

Logan's Top 20 "Favorite Things:"

20. Anyone and everyone who smiles at him
19. Jabbering
18. Watching movies with Wyatt
17. Textured fabrics--our rocking chair, the rug, crazy printed material...
16. Reading books
15. Chewing on fingers, or anything squishy
14. The Itsy-bitsy spider (and other nursery rhymes/songs)
13. Drinking out of a cup/water bottle
12. Being outside
11. Noisy toys
10. Having a bare bum
9. Playing peek-a-boo, where he covers his own face with a blanket and waits for you to pull it off
8. Crawling
7. Being tickled, softly on his face and neck, but crazy every where else
6. Nap-time
5. Taking a bath
4. Sucking on his tongue
3. Eating
2. Wyatt
1. Mommy and Daddy

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