Friday, August 17, 2012

okay, I lied. actually get ONE more post with pictures from my crappy, but faithful, camera phone...
...just one more, I promise...

(...although...I can't guarantee anything...)

Once upon a time, Wyatt was driving me crazy.
I know you all think he's this perfect angel, but really...
...he's a boy.
And in what fairy tale does a perfect angel boy exist?
I submit, NONE.
 So anyway, my head was about to explode from the high levels of craziness his little body was emanating...
...but instead of giving in to his toxicity, (although I might have been affected by a touch of crazy) I put that craziness to good use, and told him to run laps.
I asked him if he could run fast, with obvious doubt in my voice, to force him to prove me wrong.
And it worked.
Like a charm.

He spent the next 10 minutes running up and down the hallway, laughing hysterically, while I encouraged him to go faster.
He may have sustained injuries...
...but they were minor...
...and worth all his giggles.
And the bonus?? He took a nap without any problem.

Here's my little flash in action:

{The end.}

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dutchbunch7 said...

I love it when inspiration sends us a lending hand!!