Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm one of THOSE moms....

I like to take a lot of pictures, okay??
They don't all end up on my blog or being printed, but I need options!! So I take a lot of them...because that increases my odds of having suitable results.

...look at me, using math...

ANYWAY, all of the men in my life (those being Jeff, Wyatt and Logan) hate my incessant picture-taking...which makes it hard to ever have fun taking silly pictures...
...but occasionally I torture them, and force my will...


And see, at the beginning I can get some cute shots!!

"Look, Mom! See? I can be adorable!"


...but it can get pretty ugly, really quickly...

"Mom, seriously?? I just gave you a kiss."

 "I can strangle you instead?"

"Yeeeeaaah...no. I'm pretty sure we just went through this."


1 comment:

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I agree, Eric is the worst with taking multiples of pictures. And if you bring out more than one camera (like at a family event) he gets very upset.

Wyatt makes me laugh. I like your progression from sweet to "I'm done now, Mom. See ya."