Friday, November 16, 2012

birthday night

So just as soon as I say that Wyatt doesn't like smiling for the camera, he goes ahead and does it magnificently!?

My baby turns 3!!

We kept his birthday pretty simple, since we've got a few other things planned for him with our friends and family...

I made cheesecake brownies for his cake...
 ...and he got to open a few gifts from mom and dad and Logan... this picture he was getting excited about the fact that the gift was in a swimmer's diapers box, haha! He thought that's what he was getting, when actually he got a few more books :)

It was a quiet night, and a good ending to a 3rd birthday :)

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Andrea said...

wyatt is super cute and although this post is about him, my comment is not. lol
WHY do families make things stressful especially around the holidays?!? We live within 5 minutes of both sides and so it seems silly to not see them on either holiday.
but jace's family is stubborn and unwilling to work with my schedule and its always unfair to ask my family to do things later because of the hunts! gah!