Friday, November 16, 2012

Wyatt turns 3 today.

As I sit here wrapping birthday presents, I honestly cannot believe it has been 3 years since I had my sweetheart Wyatt.


I almost want to cry, just thinking about it...
...he'll never be my baby again.

Sometimes, a lot of times, I have to remind myself that he will never be this small again, that one day he won't need me to help him get dressed, or want me to cuddle with him, or ask me to play with him...

So I have to remind myself to love every precious second...even when he's naughty and I want to pull my hair out...
Cherish them.
Hold them.
Kiss them.

Sorry, it's getting a little misty over here...

ANYWAY, my baby is 3...
He's talking SO MUCH...and I'm getting better at interpreting it all :)
He loves pointing out letters or numbers, and knows his colors and how to count to 12 (I think. It changes occasionally, haha!) 
He's just started counting "how many" and loves that too. 
He loves to read books, and has just found a new interest in playing pretend. He likes to pretend to cook and make me food, he likes to pretend he's going to work like daddy (with a good-bye kiss to me and everything!), he likes to pretend Logan Bear is a baby and will carry him around and feed him and change his diaper. 
He adores his little brother and they have the most hilarious laughing fits. 
He's still a big-time momma's-boy and still needs a cuddle every day to put him to sleep for nap-time. And yes, he still takes a nap, for at least 2 hours.
His love for food has not diminished, but he has become a little more picky in his old age...although going to bed without dinner is NOT a favorite past-time.
He's slowly developed selective hearing, and at times doesn't hear me as well as I'd like...we're working on it, but it's hard when the world is SO interesting and he is SO curious/mischievous.
He is so sweet.
He is such a boy.

This is one of my favorite recent pictures of him...

...and as you can see, he's developed an adverse reaction to the camera, so I don't have very many of just him with a good smile...
...but he's a cute stinker all the same.

Happy Birthday Wyatt.
I love you.

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Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Wyatt!!! you are adorable!