Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

I will openly admit to not being the most awesome birthday planner. I, for one, like to keep it simple and the less stress the better. Obviously, there's always a little stress when planning anything really, but seriously, I like to make it easy for me--something I know will be fail-proof, and is guaranteed to be a success. That usually means a play-date at the park with friends, and cake if you're lucky. I figure it won't matter so much while he's still too little to remember his birthdays, and as soon as he starts going to school and making friends, I promise to put in more effort, haha! 
That's my justification.

Anyway, my "low-key" park party turned into a full blown themed monster party, thanks largely to my sister Grace. She is the queen of Pinterest and would find all these cute ideas for a monster party, and tell me how easy it would be, and how cute it would turn out, and on and on and on...
...trying to motivate me I suppose.
It didn't really work.
Except that I did make monster cupcakes...
...and I bought paper products to match the theme...
Oh! And I made party favor goodie bags with little monsters in them for the kids who came!
(...so maybe her persistence rubbed off on me a little bit...)

So I told her if she wanted to, she was free to do whatever she wanted, but I made it clear that I wanted a LOW KEY affair...

And then she went and did her creative thing and made the party super, uber cute.
You are amazing, Grace.

Wyatt was THRILLED.
(And that's probably an understatement.)

He has been talking about his birthday since before Halloween, asking every day if it was his birthday, or when it was, and practicing saying he was 4 while correctly (and sometimes incorrectly) holding up 4 fingers. The morning of his birthday he crawled into our bed (which is not uncommon, the stinker) and excitedly whispered, "It's my BIRTHDAY today!" His excitement literally lasted the ENTIRE day, and I'm positive he made everyone feel like they gave him the best birthday present ever, because every time he unwrapped a gift it was like he was AMAZED at how awesome it was. Not joking. He was a hoot.

We were so thankful to have so many loving friends and family, who care about Wyatt, come to celebrate with us. He is a major handful, but even more so, a major sweetheart. The party was amazing, and thank you again for all those who came!

(and just to clarify, yes, Grace made this monster photobooth, and it was a huge success)

Happy Birthday to the cutest 4 year old EVER!

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