Friday, November 29, 2013

birthday money

Wyatt received some money for his birthday, some from his great-grandma and some from his friend. He decided he wanted to get a new toy (as if he didn't already just get a whole new slew of them), so we agreed to take him to Target after a birthday dinner to the Old Spaghetti Factory. We did tell him though, that he should save some of his money and put it in his piggy bank. He was more than eager, so I told him he could choose between spending the four $1 bills or the one $10 bill. I assumed he'd want to spend the four $1 bills, since there were "more" of them, but he surprised me and picked the $10 to spend. I guess it was because he wanted to put "more" money his piggy bank, haha!

He thought it was hilarious to make it "rain" money...

He was thrilled with dinner--bread with butter, spinach and cheese raviolis, and then spumoni ice cream!

At Target he was seriously debating what he wanted to get. Every time we'd turn into a new isle he'd gasp and change his mind and want something else. He finally decided on an miniature Iron Man figurine, an Imaginext surprise character, and a box of Swedish Fish. He was so excited to pull his money out of his pocket and give it to the cashier, saying, "That's my birthday money!" (Too bad our cashier was lame, and didn't match his excitement. I don't even think she was paying attention...)

He is seriously so cute. Happy Birthday again, little man.

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