Thursday, November 28, 2013


Happy Thanksgiving!!
Thanksgiving was PACKED with things to do, and even though I probably didn't do very much, it seemed like I was going, going, going ALL DAY!
I was in charge of making pies this year, which I didn't mind, but I was up late the night before preparing the pie crust (after I got off work), and then up early the next morning to bake them before I left to have breakfast at my parents. I was planning on making all the pies from scratch, but scratched that idea and bought a Costco pumpkin pie to ease my stress. The other two, a blueberry and an apple, turned out lovely and tasted even better. I was thoroughly RELIEVED. Haha, I think I stress too much...

Jeff, thankfully, wasn't injured while he played in the (tackle) Turkey Bowl.
Dinner, thankfully, was bountiful and delicious.
The weather, thankfully, was beautiful and breezy.
Black Friday shopping, thankfully, was not as crazy as it could have been, and even though we were out until 1am, we got what we wanted and had a great time doing it.
Our children, thankfully, spent time with one another and grew their friendships.
Our families, thankfully, are loving and generous and happy and well.

And to end my Thanksgiving post, I can't go without saying how grateful I am for my life, and for all the blessings I have been given. I don't know why, but sometimes it's easy for me to overlook all the happiness I am blessed with and just focus on the negative. But I am seriously blessed with SO MUCH happiness. I have a wonderful husband, who tries to make me happy in each and every thing he does. He loves me and he loves our children. I have two beautiful children, who are healthy and strong and smart and loving. I have a home, and it is FILLED with laughter. I have a caring Heavenly Father and Savior to lead and guide me. I have the gospel and the knowledge of truth. I have a purpose in life. I live in a place of freedoms. I love my life, and I am thankful for everyone and everything in it.

Jeff wrote down a few things as well:
I'm thankful for a beautiful wife who makes me happy.
I'm thankful for 2 healthy boys that test my patience, but bless my life.
I'm thankful that we live in America.
I'm thankful for ASU football.

Wyatt said he was thankful for his birthday, the ipod, cars, toys, primary, family, friends, books, and "a big belly with lots of food in it."

Logan said he was thankful for fingers, Opa, Buzz, and Eli. Haha! A few of his favorite things ;)
(I'm sure the rest of the family is included!)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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