Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Three Months Old Already!

Little Wyatt is getting so big!! He just turned 3 months yesterday...where has the time gone?!
My mom told me I should be thankful for having such a good baby. I was thinking about that comment, and I've come to realize he really does have a great temperment. I love him so much...
Here are some recent happenings this last month:
He loves being outdoors. If he's fussy at all, nothing's surer to calm him down than being outside.
He sticks his tongue out and chews on it. This has only started happening the last couple of days and we can't figure out why he does's like he's tasting the air or something...
He likes to stand up and show us how strong his legs are! (He also sits up pretty well, but still needs our help to keep from toppling over...)
He's a chatty boy. I wish blogger would upload movie clips faster, but it doesn't, so I can't show you how cute it is. You'll just have to take my word for it--he loves to talk and talk and talk...
Along with smiling constantly, he also has the funniest faces, one of them being this:
He went goofy-golfing for the first time!! He slept through most of it, but when he woke up he was bundled up all cute-like, haha!
His hair is getting longer...but unfortunately not any thicker. He has a lovely mullet which I like to curl after his bath when his hair is wet...
We changed him to a size 2 diaper because this kept happening:
...speaking of diapers, he loves to have his changed!! Any time he's naked is a good time!
...speaking of naked, he also loves his baths...or showers, whichever...
He sleeps with his eyes open. Just like his mama, haha! And he's an excellent sleeper! He's been sleeping through the night, 7-8 hours, for about 3 weeks now, but he'd always take his longer naps at night, ever since he was born...LOVE him!!
He recognizes familiar faces...and he loves his Opa!! (And the rest of the family too, of course!)
Some other things he's done this last month:
  • He's started trying to grasp for things. He still doesn't have full control of his hands, but whenever something interests him he tries to grab it.
  • His eyes are starting to change color. They're still blue, but the inner irises are starting to turn greenish..
  • He got his foot and hand imprinted in clay so we could have it as a keepsake. My mother-in-law suggested it and bought it for us...I should receive it in about 3 weeks, so I'll be sure to post the finished product! Thanks Mom!
  • He's started laughing!!
  • He has the cutest pouty face I've ever seen in my life. It usually happens right after he wakes up and is ready to eat. If I don't feed him right away, he'll start a little whiny cry and stick out his lower lip and put on the biggest frown. I know I shouldn't laugh at him, but it's so dang funny!
  • His personality is developing more. His emotions are more distinctive and it's easier to tell when he's being whiny, angry, sad, and happy.
  • He drools. And slobbers. And blows bubbles. And is constantly drenched. But no teeth yet.

I have less than a month until I return to work, and I'm definitely not looking forward to it, but I'm so grateful I was able to have this much time with him. Thankfully, I hope to go back to work part time and stay home during the day and work at night while Jeff can be with him. We are so happy to be Wyatt's parents and we love him so so much. He's the sweetest little spirit and as precious as can be.


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you guys are adorable

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

He is one cute little man. I love to see his pictures. =)

Kristin Malulani Kalehuawehe said...

Uhm, i LOVE seeing him in the outfit me and Jon got him!

:] i love you.