Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As a part of my motherly gifts I was bestowed with these beautiful roses from my loverly husband! I love getting flowers!
(When he was at Costco picking these out for me [I told him which ones I wanted, hehe] an older woman came up to him and told him to put these ones back because they were 'bruised and wilted' and to get me 'the pretty red ones.' They weren't bruised or wilted...but because they tips are greenish and the ends of the petals look torn, both are on purpose--it's that specific variety, she thought he was picking a bad bunch...haha)

ALSO, I got this bookmark from my mom!! It's SO SUPER CUTE that I had to share...
My mom works at an elementary school and this is what the kids were making their moms for mother's day...my mom also babysits Wyatt a couple days during the week, and so she decided to make this for me...the flower petals and leaves are his FINGERPRINTS!! Haha, my mom said he put up a big fight in the process, which explains the paint spatter!

I sure do love this baby boy!!