Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!!!
Today was beautiful! We were able to visit both our mothers and spend some time with them, and it was wonderful. It's such a great blessing to have both our families (relatively) close by so that we might spend time with them often. Also, it was my first mother's day and I'm so glad to be a mom to my sweet Wyatt...what a wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father!!

Another plus to my day was Tim's phone call home!! He sounds happy and is sad that he's coming home so soon...less than 3 months!!

(side note: Jeff wants a shoutout to the Suns who demolished the Spurs in the playoffs. Hooray!)

...and yet again, another new development with my baby boy (who recently no longer seems so baby-ish when compared to my new niece, Lilly!! She was born on Friday and we saw her last night--she's absolutely darling! Congrats to Matt and Shannon!) Anyway, we started Wyatt on rice cereal this morning and he had no problem devouring it! Lately we've given in to giving him little bits of dinner...mostly bread, maybe some mashed potatoes, and a cucumber here and there...but he's so happy to FINALLY be eating solid foods!!

After church shot: Wyatt wasn't so happy. Time to eat. Again.

One of my favorite motherhood duties would be playtime...I love LOVE his laugh and I love his toothless smiles (yes, still toothless...)

For some reason hair is one of his favorite toys, and sometimes I give in...I look at it as a nice scalp massage that's not-so-nice. He also loves my face :)
Hopefully that willl explain my messy hair and slobbered up face in these pictures, haha

I absolutely LOVE being a mother. Wyatt brings me a happiness I've never known, and a love I've never felt. He is precious to me.

Thank you to all my moms for helping me become who I am today.

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

He is almost 6 months old. That is NUTS. Such a cutie though. I have to say, you looked beautiful on sunday. Absolutely ravishing. We need to hang out. And dang soon too. Love you.