Saturday, October 9, 2010


Wyatt makes me incredibly happy.

I know I have a lot of random posts of the things we do together, and they might not seem very exciting, but I want to share what I love about my little boy:

I love his constantly changing facial expressions, and especially his goofy smiles. I love his never-ending laughter. I love his squeals. I love when he discovers something new, like his tongue. I love to watch him dance. I love to play games with him. I love his kisses and slobber and I even sometimes love his teeth when they bite me. I love that his personality is happy. I love that he wants to please. I love that he loves me. And I love that I love him.

I was trying to put him to bed, but all he wanted to do was play. So we played. Every picture is a different time I would chase him across the bed and grab him...and he would laugh hysterically :)


Merkley Jiating said...

I wish we lived closer so they could play! I think they would be great friends!

jonnajack said...

Seriously, you have the some of the cutest pictures of you & Wyatt together. I love them!