Sunday, November 14, 2010

Early party!

Wyatt had his 1st birthday party last Saturday! He's not actually one until tomorrow, but we still had fun! We decided to keep it a small affair and only had family attend...we had a nice BBQ and enjoyed the fabulous weather.

Wyatt has a cousin, Lilly, who is 6 months younger than him, and they play really well together.

Wyatt had his aunts take him on the swings, which he loves:

Wyatt also loves food. Here he is in anticipation of a hot dog and potato salad :)

He also got LOTS of fun presents...
A drum and other loud instruments from Mommy and Daddy
A little tonka truck set from cousin Jacob
Another noisy truck from Aunt Meaghan and Uncle Lukas
A book from Aunt Emma
A walk-n-play from Grandma and Grandpa Downs
And he also received a block set, a sippy cup and bowl set, some hotwheels, and new church outfit from the VanCapelle family!

And then it was time for the cake.

I didn't make him any sort of fancy cake, but it was yummy. I thought it'd be good to give him a less-sugary option and not overload his system with sugar, since he's never really had it in large amounts anyway. I made him a pumpkin apple harvest cake with cream cheese frosting. And although the general consensus thought it looked not-so-appetizing, it was very tasty. I'm going to make it again, minus the frosting, just because it was that good. I also have to let you know that I have never let Wyatt feed himself because I know he makes a mess. And so because of this, he was expecting me to feed him at first...I kinda had to help him along and show him he could eat it, after he played with it.

And of course, a video clip for your viewing pleasure:

It was a really fun afternoon, and I'm glad we were able to pull it off. Planning a party is more stressful than I thought!! Haha, but it was good, and we were all happy.

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Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

so cute! Happy early birthday mr. Wyatt