Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wyatt's year-old transformation

It amazes me that only a year ago today I was in the hospital, having contractions, and waiting for an epidural...and then FINALLY he arrived. It really seems like 'only yesterday' that he was born and we met for the first time. I have been so blessed to become a mother and learn and love the sweet spirit who is my Wyatt. He is a beautiful, healthy, perfect child, and no longer the tiny baby I held a year ago. I feel sad at the fact he will never again be so small, but I'm happy and excited for what the future brings for Mr. Wyatt. He makes both Jeff and I so extrememly happy and I'm so grateful to my Heavenly Father who has entrusted him to me. What a joy this past year has been!

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

Unhappily for Wyatt we had a doctor's appointment today and he received 3 shots (chickenpox, MMR [that's Mumps, Measles, and Rubella], and the first of his Hep A shots) and he had some blood drawn. From his arm...like when I get my blood drawn--tourniquet and everything. It was sad. And I'm sad he might be a little under the weather for his birthday, so it's a good thing we had his party already.

His stats for his 12 month check-up: Weight 21.7lbs (27th percentile) Height 28in (5th percentile) and his noggin is still above average.

Wyatt's Resume:

  • He has started to shake his head 'no.' And it's usually when he doesn't want something...but not always.
  • He is constantly talking. No real words yet, but he likes to tell us about everything.
  • He knows what I'm saying. For example, he has issues with pulling hair, and one night he pulled my sister's hair and wouldn't stop, so I flicked his hand. He was instantly shocked, started crying, and I explained why we can't pull hair. While he was still recovering, I told him he needed to give her a kiss to make it better. I leaned him in her direction, said "Give her a kiss," he opened his mouth and gave her a kiss. Cutest thing ever.
  • He's not walking. And isn't even slightly interested.
  • He has recently discovered bellybuttons while playing, "Where's your (name body part)?" And it's not really his own bellybutton he likes finding, but everyone elses'. He'll lift up our shirts and stick his finger right in.
  • He likes to watch channel 8 in the morning. His favorites: Elmo's world on Sesame Street, Super Why, and Sid the Science Kid.
  • He's no longer of formula!!!! HOORAY for whole milk!!
  • He's never had an ear infection (knock on wood)
  • He currently has 7 teeth, with a another one or two on the way
  • He's the cutest kid ever.


Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Happy birthday Wyatt! He is such a doll! I love his smiles, he's so good at it.

Kristin Malulani Kalehuawehe said...

Happy Birthday babyyy.

Now I feel like the worst aunt that isn't really an aunt ever.
please can we get together this week, i owe that gorgeous boy some toys :]