Saturday, November 6, 2010

Go die.

Every now and then Jeff and I run into one of these.

I'm usually the one that will find it and then I scream and run to Jeff to kill it. It's usually just the initial scare that freaks me out, so I will capture them, but I let Jeff do the destroying.

The worst part is these scorpions blend in with our carpet almost perfectly. I'm terrified that Wyatt will get stung one day...

Scorpions: Go die.


Daves Family said...

We have found some of those here too lately! Once, there was one on the wall and Kris was in the shower so I waited and made him hill it! They blend in with our carpet too so I am always afraid we will step on one!

Fiery Jack said...

Oh, you found it in the house?! That's creepy. We've only found two at this house since we moved in. But they've both been outside. Hate scorpions.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Go here before friday of this week for a free Thanksgiving decoration. It's a saying and you can print it yourself and then frame it, but I'll go to costco since my color printer is no good.

I am terrified of scorpions, but have thankfully never seen a live one in person to this day.