Tuesday, December 14, 2010

FINALLY!! It's decorated!!

We got our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving, but I was only just able to decorate it last week...
BUT FINALLY!!! It's all done!
I'm so glad Wyatt is able to enjoy it this year...even though he wants to touch EVERYTHING.
My tree decorations came from necessity. The first year we were married, my mom passed down some of her first ornaments to me...and they were blue. It wasn't my first preference, but they were still beautiful and I was grateful. Since then I've been able to mold it into my own style and it's turned out to be a blue/white/silver snowflake tree...

The latest addition are these silver bells with snowflake cut-outs...from Pier One for $1 each!! Love it. My mom is really good at helping me find some cute stuff ;)
This is one of the first ornaments I got on my own...and I still love it.

And of course, we can't have anything but a REAL tree...something about the smell and fullness just drives me wild...

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