Friday, December 3, 2010

To see the good...

I'm very routine. Every day that I work I spend my morning and early afternoon with Wyatt, drop him off at my parents by 3:30, am at work by 4, off at 9, and home by 9:30. Yesterday Jeff suggested that I pick him and Wyatt up at his parents house after work since he was going to be there late anyway watching the ASU game (which was RIDICULOUS, by the way!!) SURE. Why not? We're trying to save money by carpooling anyway.

So after work yesterday I stopped off at my in-laws to pick up Jeff and Wyatt on my way home.

As soon as we left, not 5 miles down the road, Jeff hears a mysterious thumping noise. At the stoplight he looks out his window and realizes the back tire is low. I asked if it was flat and he said, "Probably not. If it was flat you'd know." The car wasn't wasn't swerving out of was just making a soft thumping noise. So we pulled into the nearest QT to fill the tire up with air.

As we both got out of the car to take a look, I instantly smelled burnt rubber. The tire was smoking and was definitely flat. (In Jeff's defense, it's hard to tell whether or not we have a flat tire, since our tires are already so thin anyway...) So...thankfully we had a spare, and Jeff was able to change it out, no problem. When he took off the flat tire, the inner side of the tire was completely worn and shredded.

Even though we had a flat, and even though we have to pay money we don't have for a new tire, I'm THANKFUL.

I'm THANKFUL because:
  1. Out of all the nights that I usually just head straight home, THAT NIGHT Jeff just happened to be with me. I ALWAYS go home right after work. AND my whole commute is freeway where I'm traveling 70+ mph. What would have happened had I not stopped to pick Jeff up? If I had just continued driving on that tire, which would have inevitably become flat, I would have been headed for injury. This was a HUGE blessing in disguise.
  2. Jeff knows how to change a tire. I do too, but I don't think I would have been able to un-tighten the lug-nuts...
  3. Jeff heard the soft 'thump thump thump' of the flat tire. I didn't even notice.
  4. Wyatt was asleep during the whole ordeal.
So although a flat tire doesn't seem like a blessing, this one most definitely was.

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jonnajack said...

Yikes! My car has had many flat tires in its short life, so I can so relate. Thanks for reminding me to stay positive next time it happens. And, I am glad you guys are all safe!