Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wyatt: The Unwrapping of GIFTS

So, first off, I just had to point out that I have the cutest kiddo ever, sportin' his boy jammies and a mohawk. Awesome.

Moving on...
As you know, for Christmas this year we're going to Disneyland with Jeff's family. We're actually leaving on Thursday and will be back Sunday night. We're very excited to go, but it's jeopardized our other family traditions...one of which is opening up gifts on Christmas morning. We originally wanted to bring the gifts with us and open them in the hotel, but since we're carpooling with the rest of the family we realized it wouldn't be very friendly to take up any more space than we needed to. So instead, we decided to open up the gifts Friday night--pretty early, yes, I know, but I work every other night this week...and I really wanted to be there when Wyatt tore into his presents. Which he did--no assistance necessary. I find it interesting that once I was married and then had a child, it's always been more fun to give the presents rather than receive them. I mean, I LOVE opening my presents, but I love it MORE to watch Jeff and now Wyatt.

Wyatt's face is priceless. It's like the forced smile of an impatient child waiting for his mom to take a silly picture so he can get back to the presents...ha!

He seriously has been eyeing those presents ever since they went under the tree...and now he FINALLY get's to rip them to shreds!

He doesn't even care about the shirts...notice his stare is still on the wrapping paper...

New gift!! Yay!

Look Mom! A BOOK!!
(The caption says 'Mother Goose of Nonsense.' I got two of these board books for $1 each at Target! Dang, I love a good deal!)

He's tossing out that plastic bag like he knows it's not supposed to be there!! He's a PRO at unwrapping gifts!
He was so excited to start taking all the little pieces off...not so much me though--I just realized what a mess I've gotten myself into. How am I going to keep track of it all?!!

It was so fun to watch Wyatt actually understand what's going on...I can't believe he's already so big and experiencing his 2nd Christmas!!
Tomorrow: Temple Lights!!

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