Monday, March 26, 2012


Mine and Jeff's parents are in the same stake, so every year at the fathers-and-sons camp-out trip, Jeff usually goes. This year Wyatt got to go too, and I'm sure he had so much fun with both grandpas there, (and a few uncles). I gave Jeff the camera and told him to take some pictures...

Breakfast time with Opa!

...the second round with Grandpa!

My stinky boys!

This picture cracks me up! Of all the things to take a picture of...
Here Dad, a ROCK!!

And it has come to my attention that people think I don't let my child play in the dirt...well, here's your proof, haha!

These next couple pictures are of the cricket races, but I'm to understand they also had a chicken run (where a rooster is set loose and everyone chases it to see who can catch it...I think there might be a cash prize? I don't know...) and they also had a three-legged race, but Wyatt didn't participate in that one...

Jeff said they had a lot of fun, and I'm glad they went. It gave me a break too! Maybe next year he can take both boys!!

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