Sunday, June 17, 2012

Have a "berry" happy Father's day!

Happy Father's Day to all you dads out there!
(...although I'm not sure there are very many who read this blog, haha!)

 I love having a day to focus specifically on Dads, just because I don't think they get a whole lot of credit for doing their "Dad" job. So today was fun, and we always enjoy our family get-togethers.

We started our day over at the Downs' where we had some delicious salad, steak and funeral potatoes, prepared by the wives. I brought dessert, but I'll get to that later...
The men loved it...especially the steak, and especially Jeff.

Awww, cute boys and their Dad's Rootbeer!

Matchy matchy daddies and babies!

The kiddies got to play on the slip-n-slide after dinner, and had a blast, of course...

We also stopped by the Van Capelle's to visit with my family and give love to my dad...

Amy is such a natural at this baby thing...I think she'd look good with one of her own on her arm! 
::wink, wink::

We're missing one here...GRACE!!

Jeff and his boys!

It was a very good, and very busy Father's Day for me...

So...I mentioned before I made dessert. 
Make that 2 desserts and a batch of jam.
All within a 12 hour time-frame.
Yes, I know I'm crazy.

BUT ANYWAY, here's what I did:

 Yes, that's right. I made homemade strawberry jam, homemade raspberry crumb bars, and homemade blueberry pie, crust and filling.
And that's a lot of berries.

Thankfully, it all tasted WONDERFUL...
...and I'm not going to lie, I was a little worried.

So anyway, I'm pretty much baked-out for the next month, was all worth it.
Happy Father's Day again! Love you Dad! (And Dad-in-law!)

But most of all, Love you Jeff!


Curtis and Dani Welton said...

wow those deserts, yum!

dutchbunch7 said...

Ya done good little missy! Delicious!!