Thursday, June 14, 2012

what the...?!

Wyatt is a mystery.
Sometimes he'll wake up early from his nap on accident--a loud noise woke him, he got too warm, ect--and he'll come find me. And then normally I can tell he's still tired and I lay him down back in his bed.

Well, in the event he can't find me (because I'm downstairs) this is what he'll do:

Now, usually I'll hear him running up and down the hall (trying to find me), and almost always he'll call out to me once he realizes I'm not there. So this time, when I didn't hear anything after a few minutes, I went upstairs to find what no-good he was up to, and because I wasn't expecting him to be right where he was, he startled me a little bit. But there he was, just finishing his snooze on the ground, haha!
(He will also occasionally do this at night, and because it's dark he just stays there...Jeff and I have been scared more than once when we stumble across him!!)

The kid is weird. Why he just doesn't go back and lie down on his comfy bed, I'll never know.