Friday, June 22, 2012

Logan's Latest: 5 months!

5 months.

 He just keeps getting bigger and bigger. 
And so much cuter and cuter.

His personality is starting to become much more prevalent, and he loves to smile and laugh and be happy.
He's absolutely a daddy's boy (although I'm still his favorite) and he will give Daddy a smile ANY time. Even if he's nursing, he'll pull away to smile at Jeff! Crazy, silly boys, the both of them.

Daddy and Logan right before they hit the pool...

...and after church the next day!
(Is it awkward that their pose is exactly the same?? Haha!)

Logan is also enjoying Wyatt a lot more these days and actually searches for him! He likes to lock in on Wyatt and will stare at him until he gets Wyatt's attention. Wyatt has been a little better at being softer, and will now entertain Logan to get a smile or laugh. It's SO precious. 

Logan has also developed a dislike to being cuddled, which saddens me. Wyatt is the ultimate cuddle-bug, and STILL likes me to "hold him," as he puts it. Logan though, likes to throw a fit the second I try to rock him to we've started putting him to bed awake annnnd...he actually goes to sleep on his own! And most of the time he never even makes a peep...I'm completely amazed by that boy. Wyatt was the opposite and I had to make sure he was dead (asleep) before I could even attempt to put him down.
Although, every now and then, when Logan is EXHAUSTED, I can sneak in a little cuddle time, bwahaha!

 So the boy hasn't quite mastered the sitting-on-his-own thing yet. He can do it for a few seconds at a time, but he always ends up falling over. Stinker.

He has, however, mastered rolling over. He's got belly-to-back down, but I've only caught him doing it the other way a few times...

Also this month, we started him on rice cereal, and I plan on getting him on his fruits and vegetables really soon. I'm not convinced he likes it, but he hasn't spit it out yet. He won't open his mouth for the spoon like he does any other thing that come near him, so I have to maneuver it just right to prevent cereal from getting all over the place. Sigh.
And speaking of his mouth, the kid has a mean chew. He likes to gum my fingers, and it hurts! He might be teething, but I haven't seen or felt anything yet...
And lastly, the poor boy needs a haircut...I'm SO tired of people calling him a girl...
...yeah, yeah Dad, I hear you.
(He's been telling me to give Logan a haircut for the last 5 months)

Logan is as sweet and charming as ever.
And I love being his mom.

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