Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wyatt's Words, second edition

The boy makes me laugh every day

One day in the car:
W: Hey Mommy, boys and daddies get owies.
Me: What about mommies, don't they get owies?
W: No. (incomprehensible chatter) Hey Mommy, look at my oooooowieeeees. I have two on my foot. Mommy, look at it. Mommy, look at my owies!
Me: Wyatt, I can't. I'm driving.
         ...30 seconds later...
W: Hey Mommy, I have an owie on my foot! Mommy, look at my owies. Mommy, LOOK IN MY EYES!
Me: Wyatt! I can't look at you because I'm driving. I need to look at the road!
W: Mommy, you need to CALM down!!
Me: ...

Sitting on my bed, as I'm folding laundry:
W: Momma, do you have a baby in your tummy?
Me: (ugh) No...I don't have a baby in my tummy. (Sarcastically) Do YOU have a baby in your tummy?
W: Yeah. I have a food baby. (Lifts up shirt) See??
Me: Haha!!
(And as a sidenote, I think I'd mentioned a "food baby" to him one other time in his entire life, so the fact that he remembered that term and it's definition amazes me.)

One evening, after bath-time, I was having a "conversation" with Logan, naming animals and the sounds they make. Wyatt was also with me, but having his own conversation about animals and their sounds...with himself. It went like this:
W: What does a dog say? Ruff, ruff! ...
What does a cow say? MOooOO! ...
What does a fish say? ::open and closes his mouth like a fish:: ...
What does a caterpillar say? I want an apple.
Me: ...I never taught him that one...

The other night we stayed late at my parents, visiting with Grace and James (they're here to stay!!), and so we had to put the boys down for the night in one of the bunk beds. Normally I would have put Logan down to sleep in the crib, but because Eli was already there, we ended up putting him in the same bed as Wyatt. Normally I don't think that would have been a problem, but Logan, you see, although an amazing sleeper, is incredibly picky with his sleeping arrangements--he loves his own bed. So anyway, I put them both down in the bed, tucked them in, and walked away...with Logan screaming. I stood at the door to make sure he'd stop crying, and I this is what I heard:
(In the dark)
W: Sssssshhh, it's okay Logan.
L: still crying
W: Logan, it's me. It's Wyatt !
L: still crying
W: You'll be okay. Mommy and Daddy and Emma and Granny and Ben and Grace and James and Opa are here.
L: still crying
W: (more sweet, comforting words, but I couldn't make it out over Logan's crying)
Me: Awww!! (I went back in shortly after this and got Logan to sleep)

While playing with his pretend food:
W: Dinner is ready!! Mom!! Dinner is ready!!
Me: Oh, okay. What did you make me?
W: Hot dogs!!
Me: (making a face) I don't like hot dogs.
W: (laughing) Yes you do!
Me: (still making a face) No! I don't like them!
W: (more serious now) You DO like hot dogs. You are going to eat it! 

Wyatt was making me dinner again...this time a hamburger.
W: (holding the pretend bun, and muttering to himself) ...hamburger... (places hamburger patty on the bun) ...cheese... (places the cheese on the hamburger patty) ...salad... (stops, looks around.) Salad?
Me: Salad??
W: Where's the salad??
Me: You mean this? (picking up the lettuce)
W: Yeah! (exasperated) That's the salad!
Me: ...close enough.

W: (looking at his chest, and pointing to his bosom) These are my boobies. (looks at me, and then points to my bosom) I want boobies like Mommy.
Me: ...uhhhh, nope. Those are just for mommies.

Wyatt does this a lot:
W: Mommy, where are we going?
Me: (reiterating) Where are we going?
W: I don't know.

This morning:
W: Momma! I touched my eye!!
Me: Why'd you touch your eye?
W: Cause it's yucky.
Me: Why is it yucky??
W: Because you like it.
Me: ??

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