Wednesday, April 18, 2012


For Wyatt's first Christmas we got him some puzzles--an alphabet, a number, and a shape puzzle. He didn't really understand them so much at first, of course, and he mostly just liked to pull the pieces off and look at the pictures behind them. But by his second birthday he was able to put all the pieces where they were supposed to go. 

(We're working on naming numbers right now...)

Also around his second birthday I noticed he was starting to say the letters of the alphabet after I'd say them, and soon after that he was pointing to the letters and naming them by himself. I was shocked. For the last few months now he's known his entire alphabet, but every time we'd do the puzzle or look at his Animal Alphabet book, I've never had my camera with me to record it. And, like any two-year-old, he won't sit still to do it a second time while I DO record it. SO, today, while I was cleaning out his activity bag and he saw his alphabet book, I made sure I had my camera ready. Enjoy!!

I'm a proud momma!

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dutchbunch7 said... you should be! And I'm a proud Grandma ;o)

(Cute book)