Friday, April 6, 2012

{Gilbert Temple}

For FHE this last week, I really wanted to take a closer look at the construction of the Temple in Gilbert. I knew it was close to us, and since the spire had gone up I'd seen it on the 202 SanTan freeway, but as we were driving there, we realized we could actually see it from our house. It's not a great view, and it's still kind of hard to point out, but it's there.

We obviously couldn't get out of our car, but it was still awesome nonetheless. I tried to see what the estimated completion date is, but only found that it should be done sometime in 2013. I'm getting so excited!! And I just recently found out this temple is going to be pretty large! The Mesa Temple is 113,00 sq feet, the Snowflake and Gila Valley Temples are about 18,500 sq feet, and the Gilbert Temple is going to be around 83,000 sq feet. So, if you've ever been to any of those temples, that should give you some idea...
If you want more information, I found the Church's website about this temple.

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