Wednesday, April 11, 2012

on the verge

Logan's hair is getting pretty long...I've never really had this issue before, seeing as Wyatt has been bald almost all his life, and now that he's older and he does have hair, I just buzz it all around.

It's about 2 to 2 1/2 inches long

I really don't want to cut it--the thought of it almost brings tears to my eyes...
But I know sooner or later it's going to happen...and when it does, I know I DO NOT want to buzz it.
So what should I do? I have no idea how to trim baby hair! (Or really any hair for that matter...)
It's also nice that at this point it's covering up some of his balding spots, haha!

He's just adorable--long hair and all.


Merkley Jiating said...

Don't cut it yet! That is adorable!

Andrea said...

hes super adorable! if you want it trimmed though, i can cut it for you! :)

Shannon said...

don't cut it!