Friday, April 27, 2012

an evening OUT

Sometimes when I've been in the house for a few days I need to get OUT. So after Jeff got off work yesterday I planned a little outing for our family...and in the process, also got a few errands done as well! I love it when that happens :)

On our way to pick up Daddy!
We first stopped at the Distribution Center--I was in dire need of new gear. 
Then we headed across the street to take a walk around the temple...AND we got to try out our new stroller! At first I thought it was HUGE, but it's actually nice and I like it a lot. Wyatt really likes it too--it offers him a lot more freedom, but at the same time, he's still in my control :)
Daddy wanted to try it out too, haha!
This is a typical Wyatt move...
...and here's the better shot

It was lovely outside, perfect and overcast.

Wyatt REALLY likes flowers. The temple grounds always have beautiful seasonal flowers growing, and Wyatt was in heaven. He loved to get out to smell them, and we had fun naming all the colors...

...and of course, he had to "share" with Logan too...

Jeff found these little caterpillars on one plant and when he touched one of them, it fell, but was still attached to a thin wisp of silk...or something. Kind of like what a spider was weird.

After the temple, we headed over to Deseret Book and looked around (Jeff loves that place as much as I do!). I found some good potential Mother's Day gifts (hint, hint) and Jeff found a nice tie clip. We ended our evening with a visit to Chick-fil-A for dinner and saw my sister at work. Wyatt was thrilled. He got a balloon and everything :)

I am so blessed to have my family. I love spending time together, and evenings like this are bliss.


Janelley said...

I love going on outings like this! The day looks perfect! And your family is adorable.

Celeste said...

Nice sit and stand stroller! Do you like it? I have been thinking of getting one myself...