Monday, October 1, 2012

football season

First of all, let's talk about the fact that it's already October 1st.
I feel like the whole year progressively goes by faster and faster as Christmas approaches, and then it's already the New Year again.
I mean, I've got to be honest, I remember January as if it was just happening (you know, the birth of my child and all...)

ANYWAY, Happy October.

Moving on...

One of the reasons I think the fall season goes by so quickly is because of football...I'm always waiting for the next football game...
And it's not necessarily ME that watches the game or anticipates it (although I do enjoy a good Cardinals game) but Jeff and his family (read that, Jeff's male family) are football nuts. 
And every Saturday night is the ASU game.
Every Sunday it's the Cardinals.

Well, the Downs wives have learned to cope by getting together and doing our own thing. We try to pretend the games don't exist.

This last Saturday was the General Relief Society Broadcast AND an away ASU game which meant that the boys would be at home watching the game, and therefore, make perfect BABYSITTERS! Since we've got the kids every time there's a home game, we decided to take full advantage of this away game, and go to dinner after the broadcast. It was wonderful. And my mom even joined us!!

Lucky for me, I had my camera with me...

We went to CPK, which is normally a favorite, but this time our waitress didn't like us for some reason and it took multiple requests to get a glass of water, and 45 minutes to get our food after waiting 20 minutes to put our order in. And then when it came out, our food was not hot, like it had been sitting out a while...
Needless to say, Shannon took the receipt home to fill out the survey ;)

All in all though, it was a successful getaway with my favorite people.

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Andrea said...

i have always had such bad service at CPK! I vowed never to go there again!!!

My mom and SIL and I went to Mattas after the broadcast. MMMM.